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collaborative atelier arts

Collaborative Art Atelier

A Porto native, the project was born within the tail of Europe known as Portugal, near its sunny beaches. As a skater by heart and artist by trade, I was fascinated with converging the two into one, walking through an array of genres, from old science fiction movies to colorful cartoons from Studio Ghibli.
The project, Wanderlust, was never about making a return value investment as it happens with any other business. I’d argue we’re not even a business, but more of an art collective of people who want to satisfy the itch of the need of a collaborative work network and grow as artist and designer in skill-set, which happens to be delivered through the means of skate deck art, aligning as many hobbies as humanly possible, to satisfy different desires with one solution.

More often than not, the collaborations are about exploring materials, exchanging ideas, and growing as artists together in the same environment, sometimes physical and some times through the wonders of cybernetics and the internet, which allow for real-time collaboration by two or more artists from far away lands.
If you’d like to know more about the project, the collaborative nature of it and would like to work on a limited edition of skate deck art, kindly drop me a line!