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more about wanderlust

– What are you using to draw these?

 Photoshop, Wacom pen tablet, sometimes I throw some 3D in the mix, but you can use any software, really.


– How are you actually drawing them onto the board?

 The process is heat transfer, also known as digital transfer, the design is printed onto a transfer and ink is thermally transferred from the source file to the board using heat and pressure. This method also covers more than one ply layer. Your design will live longer.


– Do you bulk order blanks at a cheap price at a certain factory?

 If you worry about the supplier’s quality, let me tell you: we constantly research and work with different factories and distributors to make sure you get the best quality, we do skate and longboarding too and the last thing we want is to have a sick graphic wasted on a cheap board, the bad stigma would just carry over from the bad deck to then the artwork itself. Some of our collaborators and suppliers are CCS, Bones, Independent Trucks, BoardPusher, PointDistribution, Promodel, Jart.


– Do you ship internationally? Would the price still be normal?

 We work around customs and shipping prices with several distributors all around the world to make sure the shipping price is as low as possible, sometimes even free. We have distributors in several points across the US and EU.


– What are you doing to get them pressed? What’s the manufacturing process?

 These are most of the time, 7 ply American/Canadian maple wood unless stated otherwise on the product page (some longboards sometimes benefit from bamboo and fiberglass instead, like dancer/freestyle boards), cold-pressed with skateboard specific glue. Trees are responsibly harvested and glue is environmentally friendly. (No/Low VOC and water-based)


– What are you doing to lacquer them?

 It’s a scratch-resistant matte finish.



about our studio

Wanderlust was created because we love skateboarding and our willingness to create the near-perfect representation of what riding means to us, through the means of skateboard deck art and design work.

It is a passion and a hobby first but also tamed to be done under a professional finish, using the set of tools we, as illustrators, designers, and creative people, use every day in the jobs that run parallel to this project.

It is the meaning of escaping and engaging simultaneously, to escape our daily art job routine, while being faithful to it under the means of a new structure.
Most of the crew members and collaborators who take part to depict our skate deck art, are also part of bigger projects in the art world, from video-games, Hollywood projects, graphic design industries, yet we converge at our love for skateboarding and the wish to depict it through series of images, we want the experience to run like wildfire through more people.

The project is made by skaters and for skaters, through means of skateboard deck artwork and design, passing through quality control and damage resistant ingredients to attempt to make your board last as long as it physically can.

Wanderlust is an experience, after having listened to hundreds of customer and fan feedback, team opinions and also gained experience through various design and art fields, we’ve come to develop this project, we hope you like it as much as we enjoy making these.

Please take a look at our collection of custom skateboard images and feel free to hit me up if you have any questions. If you have a local shop, get them to mail us too! We can manifest awesome things  together.

Stay awesome,
– Miguel Nogueira.