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Wanderlust is a collaborative art crew fueled by art motifs, icons and symbols that inspire from literature, philosophy, and emotions that carry the rider’s spirit into convergence with the artwork. It is an energy blast synthesized and delivered through boards to connect dots between material and spiritual, while always faithful to street culture, making reverences to colors and compositions inspired by art movements, ranging from the old age Egyptian style to modern-day graffiti and sticker bombing.

new skate releases

Wolf Pack


Surfing Tiger


The Shadow




S S 2 0 1 6

Current collection

With climate change upon us, it’s vital to prepare environmentally conscious re-use of wood and materials that can adapt to the weather while keeping high standards of quality in mind. As such, I present to you, Wanderlust’s first collection.

The materials, components, brands, sponsors are made of the stuff of legends, the best of the best.
If you’re wondering, here’s what you can expect from the skate & longboard setups at the site: